Lupus and Traveling

In preparation for my best friend’s wedding on the 20th (yay!) I have started the process of my Travel Best Checklist: Airplane eddition. I made this up in 2007 when I was flying back and forth between Wellington, Florida and Madison, NJ every weekend for horse shows. See, when you have Lupus, and your immune system is already compromised, the idea of a germ infested, claustrophobic plane just doesn’t sound appealing. Also, I’m a bridesmaid therefore I cannot get sick!

  • Drink plenty of water! I mean it- a big bottle. Ex: The VOSS 28.74 fl oz bottle. 2 of these! It will keep you hydrated in flight.
  • Don’t eat big before boarding! Airlines usually offer snacks so try and stick with those (unless you have an afternoon/night flight).
  • Dress comfortably! Leggings a flowy top/light sweater. I suggest layering because who knows what the temperature of the plane is going to be!
  • Bring a scarf! It can double as a pillow if you need!
  • Socks are a must! Nobody likes walking on the airport floor through security barefoot! Gross! But also, if you are anything like me, (I have terrible circulation so my feet are always cold) I like to break out a pair of fuzzy socks so I can be comfortable in flight.
  • Get up once (Depending on flight)! I hate those people who have to get up to use the restroom every half hour, but since my circulation is bad, and I suffer from achy joints syndrome, I try and get up to move my legs and hips around.
  • Load up! I like to start drinking orange juice about two days before my flight so I have some Vitamin C in my system, which aids in immune system protection. Sometimes, I’ll take an “Airborne” or “Emergen C,” which gets added to water to work double duty.
  • Relax! I like to take a bath before my flight so my body is relaxed. I’m not a very nervous flyer, but I do get a little anxious, so the night before regime really aids in keeping me calm. Stress does not feel good for me!

Can’t wait to be in Florida and to stand next to her celebrating her big day!

How do you all prepare to travel? Does Lupus ever get in the way?


3 thoughts on “Lupus and Traveling

  1. Pam McFarland says:

    Hi Allie,
    Have a great trip this weekend. Thank you for the tips for traveling. I am a frequent traveler with business and a Lupus patient. I find that protecting myself from germs is a must. I take Purell with me and I use it on the seat trays prior to using them & I wipe the armrests as well. I makes me feel much better about germs. I frequently hand wash when in the airport as well. Travle safe!

  2. Brooke Alexander says:

    What’s great about these tips is they are applicable to people who don’t have Lupus too!! A lot of people don’t travel safe and end up getting so sick after and/or making others sick. These are great tips for everyone! Great list, Allie. Travel safe and enjoy your bestie’s wedding

  3. Scarlett Spivey says:

    I use polysporin inside my nostrils. Apply small amount with a q-tip. Prevents air born germs from causing illness.

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