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Mothers with Lupus


Calling all mothers who have Lupus!!

I was scrolling through the webinars for the SLE Foundation and came across this:


I know I’ve been on a bit of a binge recently with women who are mothers and have been diagnosed with Lupus (before pregnancy and after) but this topic is particularly fascinating to me. Having children isn’t in my immediate future, but questions about the reproducing process have been coming up lately.
That being said, I have some questions for you all. I’ll do a follow up (if there is interest) with some answers I receive. For your answers, email me (private) or you can post in the comment section (public), or you don’t have to answer at all. You can also select a few of the questions to answer.

**This will be helpful to all the hopeful mommies out there.

Did your doctor go over different methods instead of pregnancy? (Adoption, surrogate?)

Were you worried about giving your child Lupus?

Was it hard to get pregnant? OR Did you adopt? OR Did you do a surrogate?

If you used a surrogate, which process did you use? Did you use one of your eggs?

Was pregnancy difficult?

Were there any complications?

How were your Lupus symptoms during your pregnancy?

Since having your baby, how has your Lupus been with stress?

Thank you all so much! Again, you don’t have to answer, and if you do, please don’t feel obligated to send specific information.