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Lupus Awareness Month!

Happy Lupus Awareness Month!

I’m challenging you this month. That’s right- a challenge. Up for it?

Bring your A game in this photo contest for the month of May.


A picture of you or you and a group (include your pet if you want) raising
lupus awareness! Dress up! Be silly! Have a lemonade stand! Be that person
waving a sign on the side of the road! Have fun with it!
Add a little blurb about what you did, if you raised money and who is in the
picture with you! Make it fun! Keep it real! (No lying, please!)


No lying! Please don’t say you raised a certain amount of money and didn’t
do anything (cheaters aren’t fun!)

Don’t say you did and then didn’t. That’s not fair to other contestants

If you do raise money- send the check to the SLE foundation with the
memo: Lupus May awareness challenge

What to do:

Email the picture and blurb before May 30th! The winner will be
announced on Thursday, June 5th!
Email: allie.lupusloop@gmail.com

The winner’s photo will be on the SLE Facebook website and there will be a prize! 

Good Luck! Have fun!

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